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Kutztown Folk Festival 2019


Event Details

For more information visit the Kutztown Folk Festival‘s website and facebook!

10:00 AM to 8 PM – June 29 – 30 and July 5 – 6
10:00 AM to 6 PM – July 1 – 4 & 7
Open late on the weekends!

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Welcome to the Kutztown Fairgrounds! We offer a multitude of spaces for all sorts of events. From the folk Festival in July, to the Kutztown Fair in August and so much more in between, we have the food, drinks, antiques, art, shows and more entertainment for the whole family. The Fairgrounds and its associations are as active and alive with success and excitement as it was back in 1870. Stop in, check events, and more at the Kutztown Fairgrounds today!